Women in Sustainability (WINS)

Through enabling women, who share a common vision for the future, to connect with each other, the WINS is Network Hubs, aiming to grow women's capacity, energy and leadership, to 'be' the change they want to see. The hubs provide ways to grow network, access mutual support and learn from other women working across the sustainability sectors. In the Hubs, you'll come away with inspiration, energy and new insights about your own situation, as well as strategies and tactics that supports your personal and professional development. You will have the opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded women working in sustainability, growing vital connections that enhance your effectiveness and career progression. 

What does WINS do and how can I get involved? 


WINS is also delighted to be supporting Catalyse Change CIS, a social enterprise helping girls and young women to develop sustainability skills and knowledge for 'healthy, happy and green' communities, careers and planet. WINS produce inspiring, empowering and skilling programmes and digital content, including: 


  • Catalyst bootcamp: a residential programme providing girls & young women with the inspiration, confidence and skills they need to make a positive difference. For those who are interested in a career in sustainability but aren't yet sure how to achieve it. 


  • Mentoring programme: professional women working in sustainability are matched with a young woman to support her on learning and career journey. 


  • School & community outreach: workshops for young people to support their green education and career path – framed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals – as well as bespoke workshops around gender equality and unconscious bias.