Equate Scotland

Established in 2006, Equate Scotland is the national expert in gender equality through the STEM sectors. They make a tangible and sustainable change, enabling women studying and working in these key sectors to develop, by supporting their recruitment, retention and progression. Their vision is of a progressive STEM labour market where women can contribute equally to advancements in science, engineering and technology and have fair access to the jobs of the future. 


They create  learning and work spaces in which women can develop expertise, essential skills and confidence. They achieve this by: 

  • Delivering training and support for women at each stage of their careers. 
  • Providing opportunities for women students to make valuable links with industry via their student network – the UK's only student network for women STEM students. 
  • Responding to, and proactively pushing for labour market and further and higher education policy that is gender competent and tackles and the root causes of women's under-representation in STEM. 


They work alongside industry and academia, creating positive changes in employment practices, behaviours and workplace cultures. They achieve this by: 

  • Delivering expert and bespoke training. 
  • Offering consultancy to support employers in strategy development or simply helping employers understand where to start on pursuing gender equality. 
  • Providing the only UK wide "women into STEM" job advertising platform and inclusive language check service.


What does Equate Scotland do and how can I get involved? 


  • Career Development Workshops 

The workshops create the opportunity for everyone at whatever stage in their career to speak women facing similar challenges in a supportive environment, and build skills and esteem to take their next career step. 

  • Assertiveness and Workplace Culture – develop your skills, feel more confident and consider how workplace cultures can become more inclusive and progressive. 

  • Returning to work – support to build networks and career break. 

  • CVs, applications and interviews – tailor your applications to get the job you want. 

  • Sticky  floors and glass ceilings – realise and focus on your leaderships skills. 

  • Media skills – develop skills to deal with the media confidently. 

  • Change: Realise your strengths – embrace the benefits of change. 

  • Get on Board – explore what skills, knowledge and expertise boards are looking or and understand what you have to offer. 


  • Career Clinics 

The free one-to-one career clinics offer objective and bespoke guidance, advice and support. 


  • Coaching for success 

The programme is aimed at women who would like to access coaching support to help them bring about a progression in the workplace and those looking to return to work after a career break. The coaching will help women to achieve potential, improve or maximise performance, increase job satisfaction, and understand more about work role and the issues need to be addressed. 


  • Career Enhancement Programme 

The programme is designed for women working in STEM sectors in Scotland aiming to progress their careers and employers who want to nurture talent within their organisation. The programme is organised as 6 consecutive mornings sessions, consisting of 2 hours of interactive webinar, followed by 1 hour individual study/application of the webinar themes. 


  • Speakers 

It is a list of #womeninSTEM speakers and experts. Students, women in STEM groups, researchers and partners can contact the list of expert women in STEM to engage them in the work they are doing. The list is evolving and will continue to grow.  


  • Student Network 

This is the only network for women studying science, engineering, technology and build environment at Scotland's Colleges and Universities. The purpose of the network is to support, develop and champion women students who can often feel in isolation as the only woman, or one of a few women, in a male dominated classroom. 


They work with universities and colleges to help them recruit a student champion. As a university or college partner and as a student champion, you would be part of: 

  • An induction day for anyone who is interested in being involved in the network or is thinking about applying to be a Student Champion through their institution. 

  • A development and planning day – this is early in the academic year to support student champions and staff to learn more about innovative ways to support women students in STEM and make a plan for the year ahead. 

  • Workshops and networking events organised through the academic year in collaboration with Champions and Student Groups. 

  • The Equate Student Network Conference and Awards – at the annual national student conference you can nominate students for their work and nominate the best student-staff partnership. 

  • Student champion development events and webinars – hosting webinars and training days in Spring which focus on getting the most of the student champion role and get ready for the future career in STEM. 


  • Equate Student Festival 

The aim is to showcase the breadth and depth of the student network as well as bring together women studying STEM to celebrate their passion for their subjects, connect with inspiring women professionals and institutions and enhance their career development. 


  • Equate Careerhub 

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