Welcome to The Molly Fergusson Initiative website!

We aim to encourage people that identify as women in Engineering by highlighting the incredible achievements of women through the ages and networking with current female engineers.

Molly Fergusson was the first female to graduate in Civil Engineering from the University of Edinburgh in 1936 and the first female fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. She was a pioneer breaking down barriers for women in STEM. The Molly Fergusson Initiative aims at honouring her legacy by supporting diversity and inclusion in the School of Engineering.  

Our vision

The Molly Fergusson Initiative will promote the visibility and community of people who identify as women in the School of Engineering. Set up as an initiative for the whole School, its committee will organise networking events, award funds for staff and student-led activities that meet the aims of the Initiative, disseminate information about available resources for women and their allies, and also inform members of the School about the hidden barriers that women might face in Engineering. The goal of these activities is to foster a supportive and inclusive environment within the School of Engineering, and improve the connectivity between staff and students of all genders, at all levels, and in all disciplines/research specialities.

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An old black and white portait photograp of Mary "Molly" Isolen Fergusson
Mary (Molly) Isolen Fergusson