2021 Award Winners

Our staff winners and high commendations of the Inaugural Mollys Award Ceremony 2021 for the categories of;

Extra Mile - Someone who has gone the extrea mile to support those around them.

Hidden Contribution - Someones who's work and effort you feel has gone unnoticed and hasn't received the recognition they deserve

Social Soldier - Someone who's actions have resulted in widespread social benefits

Amazing Ally - An ally who has gone above and beyond to help promote equality and diversity

Gender Defender - Someone who has had a large impact on promoting gender equalityDavi




Katrina Saridakis (Research Support Secretary) - Extra Mile

Nomination: 'Katrina has been a shining light in the university sice I joined, offering guidance, understanding and support and ultimately being a wonderful role model.' 



Dawn Potter (Computing Officer) - Hidden Contribution 

Nomination: 'Dawn has supported the School for over 25 years. Dawn has developed, maintained and adapted computer systems, wec forms and databases on a multitude of platforms, in many coding languages and frameworks. Exam marking and annual reviews would still be paper based and sent by post if it had not been for the hidden contribution Dawn has delivered diligently and professionally, with humour and kindness, from 7am every morning for more than a quarter of a century. Outstanding.'



Jackie Gordon (Research Support Secretary) - Social Soldier

Nomination: 'Jackie has done an amazing job fundraising for mental health charities and refugees'



Dr David Rush (Senior Lecturer) - Amazing Ally

Nomination: 'for his leadership of the School's Athena Swan Silver application. David was particularly keen to ensure that all staff, including those in professional services, had their experiences reflected in this self-assessment exercise, regardless of the huge amount of additional work this involved'



Gunel Aghabayli (Post Graduate Research Student) - Gender Defender

Nomination: 'Founded Azerbaijani Women in Science to promote STEM subjects among women in Azerbaijan, mentoring Azerbaijani women that want to come to the UK to study/work in STEM and organising an annual Forum in the month of October to raise awareness of existing biases and barriers, as well as oppurtunities in STEM'



Highly Commended and their nominations


Dr Katherine Dunn (Lecturer) - 'Katherine has been very supportive since I joined the Engineering Department and gave me oppurtunities to expand my research output.' 



Billy Rosendale (IT Web Developer) - 'Promoted the 'love to ride' campaign to encourage people to bike to work for one month - I was encouraged to use my bike more and more often instead of other forms of transportation. He also set up a Just Giving fundraiser, for which he cycled 100 miles in one day, to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.'



Dr Joe Burchell (Postdoctoral Research Associate) - 'Joe has always been engaged in initiatves to improve the working culture at the School: started organising IES seminars and making videos so that the research was shared more broadly through other channels such as youtube and organising an institute-wide conference. he set up and runs the RA Forum together with two other RAs to improve the RA community and network, and to serve as platform to echo RAs needs and concerns, but he has also set up and organised international collaborations, for example by organising a funded trip accross Tiwan, and South Korea, presenting the institute's research at various research institutions. and allowing other RAs and PhD students to gain this experience.'



Dr Danai Korre (Postdoctoral Research Associate) - 'Danai is an active member of Greek Women in STEM in charge of the public relations team and the website curation. She is also a mentor and helped organise the WOMEN+ Symposium, the first international symposium focusing on Greek Women Scientists.'